Player’s Guide


HEMA-inspired d20 combat. Magic as Medieval scholars actually believed.
Everything you need for a FAST, BLOODY, and IMMERSIVE historical game.


Stranger than fiction, Balanced by reality

The Codex Integrum Players guide is your gateway to historical gaming in medieval Europe, and your interface to bring Codex Martialis combat rules into your RPG.

This new sourcebook does two things for players of Codex Martialis. First, it help’s GM’s and players integrate Codex Martialis combat rules into their game, whether that is a homebrew, some version of OGL, or another system. Second, it introduces our new default campaign setting in Late Medieval Europe, and includes many resources designed to help players and GM’s run an actual RPGs in an historical setting.

Codex Integrum Players Guide provides setting information (in broad strokes) a simple character generation system with 14 new historically based Classes, a thorough section on skills and unique special abilities, as well as equipment and ‘loot’ tables, and some sample NPCs against whom to test out your combat skills. There is also a glossary and a FAQ to help answer questions you may have about the Codex or the new default historical setting.

What you’ll find

  • Fifteen Classes based on the medieval world
  • Eleven Guilds
  • Fifty unique special abilities (from Incite Mob to Feigned Retreat)
  • An historically grounded honor and reputation system
  • Four temperament personality types
  • Twenty five new Skill Types
  • Historical currency
  • Treasure tables
  • Encounter reaction and NPC morale rules
  • Henchmen and Hirelings
  • Twelve types of equipment tables
  • Extended sections on gaming in an historical setting, including where to go, what to do, and who to fight
  • A 15 page mini-adventure with 7 pre-generated characters


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