Armor Search

Arming cap
Arming doublet
Arming jack
Bakharets panoply
Brigandine and gambeson
Brigandine and mail
Brigandine doublet
Brigandine panoply
Buff coat
Couir boulli lamellar jack
Cuir boulli lamellar panoply
Cuirass and helmet
Doubled mail hauberk
Felt cap
Felt coat
Field harness
Fine mail corslet
Fine mail haubergeon
Full mail panoply
Gambeson & helmet
Gothic half armor
Gothic half armor "of proof"
Gothic harness
Gothic harness of proof
Half armor
Half armor "of proof"
Heavy bakhterets
Heavy clothing
Heavy coat armor
Heavy cuirass
Heavy gambeson
Heavy iron cuirass
Heavy leather doublet
Heavy three quarters plate
Iron bevor (face)
Iron braces (forearm) pair
Iron cap / cervelliere
Iron couter (elbows) pair
Iron cuirass
Iron face mask (face)
Iron full helmet or helm
Iron gauntlets pair
Iron gorget
Iron greaves (shins)
Iron half-gauntlets pair
Iron helmet
Iron kettle hat
Iron lamellar jack
Iron pauldrons (shoulder) pair
Iron plackart (abdomen)
Iron ploeyns (knees) pair
Iron shin splints
Iron vambraces (arms) pair
Khazaghand panoply
King's harness
Leather armor & helmet
Leather bracers (forearm) pair
Leather cap
Leather doublet
Leather lamellar jack
Light akteon
Light coat armor
Light gambeson
Light gothic harness
Light mail corslet
Light mail haubergeon
Light steel breast plate
Mail coif
Mail haubergeon
Mail hauberk
Mail shirt (byrnie)
Maximillian harness
Maximillian harness of proof
Medium clothing
Milanese harness
Milanese harness of proof
Partial plate harness
Peascod cuirass
Peascod cuirass, proofed
Plate harness
Spangenhelm composite
Splint bracers (forearm) pair
Steel helmet or helm
Three quarters harness
steel vambraces (arms) pair

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