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AhlspiessPiercing, Military, Polearm, Czech, German, Latin Europe
Axe, battleAxe, Blade, Piercing, Military, Latin Europe, Central Asia, Pirate
Axe, beardedAxe, Blade, Norse
Axe, greatAxe, Blade, Latin Europe, Norse, German
Balanced spearSpear, Polearm, Blade, Persia, Classical, Middle East
Bardiche or Sparth axeAxe, Blade, Polearm, Central Asia, Ottoman, Latin Europe, British Isles, Scotland, Ireland
Bata / Sail-EilleBlunt, Civilian, Ireland, British Isles
BauernwehrSidearm, Tool, Rural, Blade, German, Czech, Slavic, Latin Europe, Messer
BillTool, Rural
Bill-GuisarmePolearm, Blade, Piercing, Latin Europe
Blocking daggerBlade, Sidearm, Dagger, Dueling, Pirate, Civilian, Courtier
Boar spearSpear, Polearm, Blade, Hunting, German, Norse, Czech, Slavic, Latin Europe
Broad daggerSidearm, Military, Dagger, Blade, Classical, Roman, Mediterranean
Dagger, DirkSidearm, Military, Scotland, Dagger, Blade
Dagger, Main GaucheBlade, Sidearm, Dueling, Dagger, Latin Europe, Courtier, Pirate, Civilian
Dagger, MisericordeTool, Military, Piercing, Courtier, Latin Europe
DussackSidearm, Civilian, Tool, Sword, Blade, Rural, Military, Czech, Latin Europe, Slavic, Messer, Saber
Falchion, longSidearm, Military, Sword, Blade, Latin Europe
Falchion, shortSidearm, Military, Sword, Blade, Italian, Mediterranean, Pirate, Latin Europe
FlegelBlunt, Military, Rural, Spikes, Polearm, Czech, Slavic
GlaivePolearm, Blade, Military, Latin Europe
GodendagBlunt, Military, Polearm, Piercing, Latin Europe
Great clubRural, Blunt, Polearm, Native American, Pacific, Neolithic, Africa
HalberdPolearm, Piercing, Military, Blade, Swiss, German, Landsknecht, Latin Europe
Half spearMilitary, Blade, Africa
Hand AxeSidearm, Military, Axe, Pirate
Hand glaiveSidearm, Blade, Military, Latin Europe
HatchetTool, Sidearm, Axe, Rural
Heavy lanceSpear, Cavalry, Military, Piercing, Latin Europe
Hewing spearSpear, Hunting, Rural, Polearm, Blade, German, Latin Europe, Norse, Africa
Iron bound staffBlunt, Rural, Polearm, Latin Europe
Iron maulTool, Blunt
JambiyaBlade, Dagger, Middle East, Sidearm, Africa
Jeddart StaffPolearm, Piercing, Blade, Military, Scotland, British Isles
Kern axeRural, Polearm, Blade, British Isles
KnuckledusterBrawl, Blunt
KriegsmesserSword, Blade, Sidearm, Rural, German, Czech, Slavic, Latin Europe, Landsknecht, Messer
Langes messerSidearm, Rural, Sword, Blade, German, Czech, Slavic, Latin Europe, Messer
Large knifeTool, Blade
Light lanceSpear, Cavalry, Piercing, China, Middle East, Central Asia, Latin Europe, Classical, Mediterranean, Africa
Lochaber AxeAxe, Polearm, Blade, Scotland, British Isles
Long daggerBlade, Sidearm, Dagger, Landsknecht, Swiss, Pirate, Latin Europe
Long seaxSidearm, Military, Rural, Sword, Blade, German, British Isles, Norse
Long staffBlunt, Rural, Polearm, Africa
LongspearSpear, Military, Blade, Polearm, China, Middle East, Classical, Landsknecht, Latin Europe, Africa
Mace, flangedBlunt, Military, German, Italian, Latin Europe
Mace, heavyBlunt, Military, Ottoman, Central Asia, South Asia, Latin Europe
Mace, lightMilitary, Blunt, Sidearm, Cavalry, Central Asia, Middle East, Africa
Mace, stoneBlunt, Neolithic, Native American, Africa
MattockTool, Rural, Blunt, Piercing
MorgensternBlunt, Military, Polearm, Spikes, Piercing, Rural, German, Czech, Slavic, Latin Europe
Morning starBlunt, Spikes, Military, Latin Europe, Central Asia, South Asia, Middle East
PikeSpear, Piercing, Military, Polearm, Landsknecht, Swiss, Latin Europe
Pitch forkTool, Rural, Polearm, Piercing
Poll axeBlunt, Blade, Piercing, Military, Polearm, Latin Europe
Poll hammerBlunt, Polearm, Military, Latin Europe
ProtoswordNeolithic, Military, Native American
QuarterstaffBlunt, Rural, Polearm
RazorCivilian, Tool, Blade, Brawl
Roundel daggerSidearm, Military, Dagger, Piercing, Blade, Latin Europe
RuggerHunting, Sidearm, Blade, German, Latin Europe
Sap glovesBrawl, Blunt
Sax knifeSidearm, Tool, Blade, Hunting, German, British Isles, Migration Era, Norse
SchweizersabelSword, Blade, Sidearm, Swiss, Longsword, Messer
ScytheTool, Blade, Rural
Shield, Buckler (iron)Shield
Shield, Buckler (metal comp.)Shield
Shield, Buckler (wood comp.)Shield
Shield, Mini paviseShield
Shield, Roundshield
Shield, Targe (Scots)Shield, Scotland
Shield, Targe (Scots, spiked)Shield, Scotland, Spikes
Shield, Target (Hungarian)
Shield, Target (iron)Shield
Shield, Target (steel)Shield
Shield_HeaterShield, Cavalry
Short glaivePolearm, Blade, Military, Latin Europe
Shovel / spadeTool, Rural
SickleTool, Rural, Blade
Small clubBlunt, Neolithic, Native American, Pacific, Africa
Small daggerSidearm, Military, Dagger, Blade, Civilian, Courtier, Piercing, Latin Europe, Middle East, South Asia, Central Asia
Small knifeTool, Sidearm, Blade
Small staffBlunt, Neolithic, China, Latin Europe, Africa, Middle East
SpearSpear, Polearm, Blade, Hunting, China, Middle East, Classical, Neolithic, Latin Europe, Africa
Spear (in two hands)Spear, Polearm, Blade, China, Middle East, Classical, Central Asia, Africa, Latin Europe
Spear with langetsSpear, Polearm, Blade, Military, Landsknecht, Latin Europe
Stick, heavyBlunt, Rural, Neolithic
StilettoDueling, Brawl, Piercing, Civilian, Courtier, Italian, Mediterranean
Sword, ClaymoreSword, Longsword, Blade, Scotland, Ireland, British Isles
Sword, FlammardSword, Longsword, Blade, German, Landsknecht, Swiss, Latin Europe
Sword, FrankishSword, Blade, Sidearm, Migration Era, German, Norse, Latin Europe
Sword, akinakesSword, Blade, Sidearm, Central Asia, Classical
Sword, armingSword, Military, Sidearm, Blade, Latin Europe
Sword, bastardSword, Longsword, Blade, Sidearm, German, Italian, Czech, Slavic, Latin Europe
Sword, broadswordSword, Blade, Sidearm, Rural, British Isles, Cavalry, Scotland, Latin Europe
Sword, cinquedeaSword, Blade, Sidearm, Italian, Mediterranean, Latin Europe
Sword, cut-thrustSword, Military, Sidearm, Dueling, Blade, Civilian, Pirate, Courtier, Latin Europe
Sword, cutlassSidearm, Sword, Blade, Military, Pirate, Latin Europe

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