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Adventure Hook

This adventure takes place in a castle town and in a border forest while facing Nomad slave raiders and a religious zealot. There is court Intrigue and a love triangle involved.

NPCs in the Area

  1. Frans Mankowski
  2. Claves Komorowksa
  3. Jan Sobieski
  4. Anvar Horenbout
  5. Christine Mettel
  6. Melchior Horenbout
  7. Jan Forster
  8. Quentin Freie
  9. Rene Becker
  10. Idris Carouy
  11. Chval Breidenbach
  12. Hanno Münckh
  13. Anne Golnaz
  14. Enno Hinderholtz
  15. Ayrat Ripperda
  16. Dettloff Buseck
  17. Tjede de Lorraine
  18. Klaus Bissingen
  19. Reinhold Prandota
  20. Sonya Jastrzebiec

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