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Broad dagger

Sidearm, Military, Dagger, Blade, Classical, Roman, Mediterranean

A large dagger with an especially broad blade designed for inflicting maximum possible injury from a thrust or a cut. These weapons do not penetrate quite as easily as other daggers but do far more damage upon a successful thrust. With such broad blades they can also be used to chop like a meat cleaver. Examples include the cinquedea (also made in short-sword sized variants see Sword, Cinquedea) and the ubiquitous Roman pugio.

NameSizeReachSpeedDefenseBase DamageAttack TypesPrimary Attack TypesArmor PierceGrappleHardnessHP
Broad daggerS1511-8SCPPC00105

A Dagger sized Cinquedea with a gilded hilt, Florence 1510. This is a +1 AP, an Ehren+4 Weapon.

An elegant Roman pugio dagger, 100 AD with a silver handle and carnelian inlay. This would be a +1 AP,+3 Ehren weapon

A probably more typical iron pugio, circa 50 BC

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