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Poll axe

Blunt, Blade, Piercing, Military, Polearm, Latin Europe

The pollaxe (aka pole axe, poleaxe, poll axe, hache) is obviously quite similar to the halberd (see Halberd) with which it does overlap, (it is arguably a direct descendant) but there are some key differences. Pollaxes are typically much shorter than halberds, averaging around 6’-7’ long, tend to be a bit lighter as well. Some pollaxes are made so that the blades are riveted on to the haft in pieces in a specific type of modular design allowing different parts to be removed and swapped out, whereas halberds were usually forged of one piece.

NameSizeReachSpeedDefenseBase DamageAttack TypesPrimary Attack TypesArmor PierceGrappleHardnessHP
Poll axeL6151-12BCPCP2286

German, Gothic pollaxe, early 16th C

German pollaxe, late 16th C

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