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Sword, Claymore

Sword, Longsword, Blade, Scotland, Ireland, British Isles

A medium sized (roughly five foot) sword of a subtype popular in Scotland and Ireland mainly in the 16th Century though a few were in use earlier and some into the 17th Century. Primarily a cutting weapon, and used by (often elite) infantry including the Gallowlgass (Galloclaich) mercenaries of Ireland and the Hebrides islands. Most of these were made with blades imported from Germany and locally designed hilts.

NameSizeReachSpeedDefenseBase DamageAttack TypesPrimary Attack TypesArmor PierceGrappleHardnessHP
Sword, ClaymoreVL6042-14SCPC00125

“Claymore” type Greatsword, Ireland, circa 1550 (blade is German, hilt and cross locally made)

“Claymore” greatsword, Hebrides Islands, 16th Century. The hilt of this weapon is in the classic format of the Hebrides and Scottish Highlands.

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