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Sword, cut-thrust

Sword, Military, Sidearm, Dueling, Blade, Civilian, Pirate, Courtier, Latin Europe

Also sometimes called 'transitional' swords, “cut-thrust” sword is a modern term used to describe a type of military weapon which had become somewhat more specialized than the original arming sword or single sword. In period all of these were typically just called ‘swords’. Typical cut-thrust sword are often Oakeshott types XV and XVIII. The blade may be strait and parallel edged, or sharply tapered and of flattened diamond or hexagonal cross section, but in either case coming to an acute and / or reinforced point. Some have a central ridge running down the center of each face to further stiffen the blade. Several historical weapons fall into this category, including the Spanish 'espada ropera', the French 'espadon', and the 'spada filo' of the Italian Renaissance masters. The 'spada da lato' (sidesword) was also considered a development of the cut-and-thrust sword (see Sidesword).

NameSizeReachSpeedDefenseBase DamageAttack TypesPrimary Attack TypesArmor PierceGrappleHardnessHP
Sword, cut-thrustM3341-8SCPP10113

Cut Thrust sword with complex hilt, German or Austrian, 16th Century

French cut-thrust Sword, Dordogne valley, early 15th Century

Cut Thrust sword with side rings, finger rings and ricasso rings, South German, 16th Century

Cut thrust sword with complex hilt, German or Austrian, early 16th Century

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