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Bardiche or Sparth axeAxe, Blade, Polearm, Central Asia, Ottoman, Latin Europe, British Isles, Scotland, Ireland
Bata / Sail-EilleBlunt, Civilian, Ireland, British Isles
Jeddart StaffPolearm, Piercing, Blade, Military, Scotland, British Isles
Kern axeRural, Polearm, Blade, British Isles
Lochaber AxeAxe, Polearm, Blade, Scotland, British Isles
Long seaxSidearm, Military, Rural, Sword, Blade, German, British Isles, Norse
Sax knifeSidearm, Tool, Blade, Hunting, German, British Isles, Migration Era, Norse
Sword, ClaymoreSword, Longsword, Blade, Scotland, Ireland, British Isles
Sword, broadswordSword, Blade, Sidearm, Rural, British Isles, Cavalry, Scotland, Latin Europe
Sword, hand and a halfSword, Longsword, Blade, Sidearm, Latin Europe, British Isles, German, Czech, Slavic, Scotland, Ireland
Sword, hangerSword, Sidearm, Blade, Rural, British Isles, Latin Europe, Pirate, Scotland, Saber

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