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HalberdPolearm, Piercing, Military, Blade, Swiss, German, Landsknecht, Latin Europe
KriegsmesserSword, Blade, Sidearm, Rural, German, Czech, Slavic, Latin Europe, Landsknecht, Messer
Long daggerBlade, Sidearm, Dagger, Landsknecht, Swiss, Pirate, Latin Europe
LongspearSpear, Military, Blade, Polearm, China, Middle East, Classical, Landsknecht, Latin Europe, Africa
PikeSpear, Piercing, Military, Polearm, Landsknecht, Swiss, Latin Europe
Spear with langetsSpear, Polearm, Blade, Military, Landsknecht, Latin Europe
Sword, FlammardSword, Longsword, Blade, German, Landsknecht, Swiss, Latin Europe
Sword, katzbalgerSword, Military, Sidearm, Blade, German, Latin Europe, Landsknecht
Sword, montante, lightSword, Longsword, Blade, Latin Europe, Mediterranean, German, Landsknecht
ZweihanderSword, Longsword, Blade, German, Landsknecht, Swiss, Latin Europe

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