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AhlspiessPiercing, Military, Polearm, Czech, German, Latin Europe
Axe, battleAxe, Blade, Piercing, Military, Latin Europe, Central Asia, Pirate
Broad daggerSidearm, Military, Dagger, Blade, Classical, Roman, Mediterranean
Dagger, DirkSidearm, Military, Scotland, Dagger, Blade
Dagger, MisericordeTool, Military, Piercing, Courtier, Latin Europe
DussackSidearm, Civilian, Tool, Sword, Blade, Rural, Military, Czech, Latin Europe, Slavic, Messer, Saber
Falchion, longSidearm, Military, Sword, Blade, Latin Europe
Falchion, shortSidearm, Military, Sword, Blade, Italian, Mediterranean, Pirate, Latin Europe
FlegelBlunt, Military, Rural, Spikes, Polearm, Czech, Slavic
GlaivePolearm, Blade, Military, Latin Europe
GodendagBlunt, Military, Polearm, Piercing, Latin Europe
HalberdPolearm, Piercing, Military, Blade, Swiss, German, Landsknecht, Latin Europe
Half spearMilitary, Blade, Africa
Hand AxeSidearm, Military, Axe, Pirate
Hand glaiveSidearm, Blade, Military, Latin Europe
Heavy lanceSpear, Cavalry, Military, Piercing, Latin Europe
Jeddart StaffPolearm, Piercing, Blade, Military, Scotland, British Isles
Long seaxSidearm, Military, Rural, Sword, Blade, German, British Isles, Norse
LongspearSpear, Military, Blade, Polearm, China, Middle East, Classical, Landsknecht, Latin Europe, Africa
Mace, flangedBlunt, Military, German, Italian, Latin Europe
Mace, heavyBlunt, Military, Ottoman, Central Asia, South Asia, Latin Europe
Mace, lightMilitary, Blunt, Sidearm, Cavalry, Central Asia, Middle East, Africa
MorgensternBlunt, Military, Polearm, Spikes, Piercing, Rural, German, Czech, Slavic, Latin Europe
Morning starBlunt, Spikes, Military, Latin Europe, Central Asia, South Asia, Middle East
PikeSpear, Piercing, Military, Polearm, Landsknecht, Swiss, Latin Europe
Poll axeBlunt, Blade, Piercing, Military, Polearm, Latin Europe
Poll hammerBlunt, Polearm, Military, Latin Europe
ProtoswordNeolithic, Military, Native American
Roundel daggerSidearm, Military, Dagger, Piercing, Blade, Latin Europe
Short glaivePolearm, Blade, Military, Latin Europe
Small daggerSidearm, Military, Dagger, Blade, Civilian, Courtier, Piercing, Latin Europe, Middle East, South Asia, Central Asia
Spear with langetsSpear, Polearm, Blade, Military, Landsknecht, Latin Europe
Sword, armingSword, Military, Sidearm, Blade, Latin Europe
Sword, cut-thrustSword, Military, Sidearm, Dueling, Blade, Civilian, Pirate, Courtier, Latin Europe
Sword, cutlassSidearm, Sword, Blade, Military, Pirate, Latin Europe
Sword, estocSword, Military, Piercing, Cavalry, Latin Europe
Sword, katzbalgerSword, Military, Sidearm, Blade, German, Latin Europe, Landsknecht
Sword, killijSword, Blade, Sidearm, Cavalry, Ottoman, Military, Central Asia, Saber
Sword, liuye daoSword, Blade, Sidearm, China, Cavalry, Military, Central Asia, Middle East, Saber
Sword, pian daoSidearm, Military, Sword, Blade, Civilian, China, Central Asia, Saber
Sword, saberSword, Blade, Sidearm, Cavalry, Military, Dueling, Civilian, Courtier, Pirate, Latin Europe, Saber
Sword, shamshir / saifSword, Blade, Sidearm, Cavalry, Persia, Military, Civilian, Middle East, Central Asia, Africa,Saber
Sword, shashkaSword, Blade, Sidearm, Cavalry, Central Asia, Military, Slavic, Saber
Sword, yanmao doSword, Blade, Sidearm, China, Military, Central Asia, Saber
VolguePolearm, Piercing, Blade, Military, Swiss, German, Latin Europe
War hammerBlunt, Military, Piercing
War pickBlunt, Military, Piercing

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