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Balanced spearSpear, Polearm, Blade, Persia, Classical, Middle East
Boar spearSpear, Polearm, Blade, Hunting, German, Norse, Czech, Slavic, Latin Europe
Half spearMilitary, Blade, Africa
Heavy lanceSpear, Cavalry, Military, Piercing, Latin Europe
Hewing spearSpear, Hunting, Rural, Polearm, Blade, German, Latin Europe, Norse, Africa
Light lanceSpear, Cavalry, Piercing, China, Middle East, Central Asia, Latin Europe, Classical, Mediterranean, Africa
LongspearSpear, Military, Blade, Polearm, China, Middle East, Classical, Landsknecht, Latin Europe, Africa
PikeSpear, Piercing, Military, Polearm, Landsknecht, Swiss, Latin Europe
SpearSpear, Polearm, Blade, Hunting, China, Middle East, Classical, Neolithic, Latin Europe, Africa
Spear (in two hands)Spear, Polearm, Blade, China, Middle East, Classical, Central Asia, Africa, Latin Europe
Spear with langetsSpear, Polearm, Blade, Military, Landsknecht, Latin Europe

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