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Sword, Blade, Sidearm, Rural, German, Czech, Slavic, Latin Europe, Landsknecht, Messer

Also known as a langen messer. This is a messer (see Messer) made into a two-handed infantry weapon, essentially a formidable single-edge sword designed as a primary battlefield weapon, up to four feet long, with a hand and a half grip, sometimes strait sometimes curved. These are devastating cutters which cause horrific injuries, but are usually made well balanced and relatively light to handle well in combat. This weapon overlaps with the schwiesersabel (see Schwiesersabel). The Grossabel saber and the similar Hungarian infantry saber are more curved versions (4/4/4 1-12/SCP/S) This is the grossemessers mean, crazy alcoholic uncle. A brutal and highly effective weapon, it could be thought of as Europe’s answer to the katana, to which it bears some superficial similarity. This is both a scary chopper and a good fencing weapon balanced to be effective in a one on one fight. Both a fight starter and a fight finisher.

NameSizeReachSpeedDefenseBase DamageAttack TypesPrimary Attack TypesArmor PierceGrappleHardnessHP

Kriegsmesser, Swiss or Austrian, 15th Century

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